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Bangalore Ramakrishna Mission

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a_bangalore_rkm_temple.jpg b_mothers_rock.jpg c_rock_medition.jpg
The Temple at the Ramakrishna Mission on Bull Temple Road in Bangalore, Karnataka State
The Shrine known as Mother's Rock, where Holy Mother Sarada Devi sat and meditated during her tour of South India.
Near Mother's Rock, devotees come during the busy hours of the Bangalore business day to meditate and experience the quiet atmosphere of the Ashram grounds.
d_rock_sign.jpg e_students_temple.jpg f_harshananda.jpg
The exortation to silence is scrupulously observed by the devotees.
The shrine room at the adjacent student hostel.
Swami Harshananda, the Ashram president. He is prolific writer, scholar, and an accomplished bhajan singer, as well as being a very humble, dedicated, and spiritual sannyasin.
g_atmashtanananda.jpg h_office_swami.jpg i_kitchen_swami.jpg
A group shot of the Ashram monks during a visit of one of the Vice Presidents of the Ramakrishna Mission, Swami Atmasthanananda.
Swami Shantimayananda, who is the ashram administrator, who though juggling a multitude of tasks always remained unruffled.
Swami Satyananda with Swami Punyavratananda, also known as Kitchen Swami, who manages the unenviable job of pleasing the palates of hundreds of devotees, and does it with an amazing variety of dishes, a feat only accomplishable by a true devotee of the Mother!
j_kithchen_workers.jpg k_more_workers.jpg l_hair_cut.jpg
Devotees volunteer for duty preparing vegetables for feeding hundreds of people on special festivals at the Ashram.
Swami Satyananda with volunteers and workers outside the Ashram kitchens.
Swami Satyananda getting his hair cut on Poornima, looking very much like an imitation of Ramana Maharshi! Nagesh, the barber, keeps a photo of Swami Vivekananda with his head freshly shaven as inspiration.

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